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5.6.2019 / AE490605, Berlin

First article which was ever uploaded in the archive is Integer-based nomenclature for the ecosystem of lexically repetitive expressions in complete works of William Shakespeare.

The article was submitted to special issue of journal Argument and Computation on Rhetorical Figures. Reviews of anonymous reviewers were as follows:

  1. I'm really mystified about what this is all about. The concept of a regular expression (regex) is straightforward. But frankly the meaning of how regular expressions are being used is completely opaque to me. The statement: "Each regex is subsequently exposed to all utterances in all works of William Shakespeare, allowing us to pinpoint many interesting expressions and their distributions." ...sounds that there is something worthwhile going on here but it's vague to the point of being incomprehensible.
  2. It does not appear to have much to do with argumentation. I do not think it would be of interest to readers of Argument and Computation. It may be of interest to a digital humanities/rhetoric journal.

A year later, a much more trimmed version has been presented at the JADT2019 conference in Rome (c.f. pages 384-391 of Proceedings available here).

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